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Whether you’re a plaintiff or a defendant, don’t try to handle your Lancaster, OH, civil litigation proceeding without professional assistance.

Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties where the plaintiff sues the defendant for either monetary damages or specific performance, such as the title of a car legally changing hands in lieu of monetary compensation.

With experience in a variety of business and contract disputes, as well as general civil lawsuits for both sides, Baum Law Office can help you get the justice you deserve. Civil litigation can be a lengthy process and involves:

Complaint: A complaint is the start of any civil litigation matter where the plaintiff claims the defendant is responsible for unlawful conduct. The civil litigation attorney at Baum Law Office can file the proper documentation for you, as a plaintiff, to ensure your case is heard and not dismissed.

Service: Once the complaint is filed, the defendant will be served a copy of the complaint usually by certified mail or by a process server giving all filings to the defendant.

Answer: The defendant has 28 days to file an answer to the complaint. If a time extension is not requested, and an answer not filed, the court could rule in the plaintiff’s interest because an unanswered complaint in Lancaster, OH, is seen as admittance to the claim by the defendant.

Pretrial motion/Dispositive motion: Once the complaint is filed, the plaintiff and defendant can choose to file motions with the court. The civil litigation attorney at Baum Law Office can file any of the numerous motions available. Motions are case specific so it’s imperative to have a qualified and expert civil litigation attorney in your corner

Discovery: The discovery process is the formal name for the pretrial process where both the plaintiff and the defendant gather evidence. Each party is able to request to see various types of evidence from the other party including requesting them to answer questions.

Mediation: If either party wants to resolve the conflict without going through the expensive and time consuming Lancaster & Logan, OH, legal system, mediation can be requested. The civil litigation attorney will sit down with both parties in an informal setting and mediate the conflict. Baum Law Office can be either an advocate for your position or an impartial mediator.Trial: If no resolution can be made by either party during the pretrial phase, the case will move to trial. The civil litigation attorney at the Baum Law Office has years of trial experience for both sides of the judicial proceeding.

Whether you’re a plaintiff or a defendant, the civil litigation attorney can help resolve your conflict. If you believe there has been unlawful conduct placed against you, or you have a complaint filed against you that has no merit, call Baum Law Office today. In addition to civil litigation, you can also get help from the family law or criminal defense attorney.

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civil litigation attorney logan oh
civil litigation attorney logan oh

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