You're Innocent Until Proven Guilty

When you need a criminal defense attorney, contact Baum Law Office, LLC in Lancaster, OH plus the surrounding counties, including Pickaway, Hocking, Franklin, Licking, Perry, and Athens

Handling a variety of cases, the criminal defense attorney at Baum Law Office can help you whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or a felony as a juvenile or an adult. Starting as a legal intern with the Summit County Legal Defenders’ Office, the criminal defense attorney has extensive experience in all criminal law cases.

Criminal law pertains to the regulations and rules set forth to keep the public safe and discourage criminal behavior. There are a variety of charges you could be facing that include:

Murder: If you’re facing a murder charge, call Baum Law Office immediately. The criminal defense attorney can protect your interests and guide you through the court process. Lancaster, OH, considers murder as the intentional and unlawful killing of another that results from the person’s act, or failure to act. Murder differs from lawful homicides which are either excusable or justified killings and are not crimes.

Rape and other sex crimes: Lancaster, OH, classifies rape as the act of sexual intercourse between two or more parties that is against the will of one person and is accomplished through means of force, coercion, violence, duress, menace, drugs or fear of immediate injury. Rape can also include instances where one party can’t give consent in a sexual situation. There are many other types of conduct that Ohio classifies as criminal behavior and can be categorized as a sex crime.

Theft/Robbery: Although both theft and robbery involve taking property, robbery involves using a weapon whereas theft does not. There are many lasting penalties that are associated with both theft and robbery. Protect your future by calling the criminal defense attorney at Baum Law Office.

Burglary: Considered to be unlawfully entering or remaining in a building with the intent to commit a felony, burglary can have the same lasting consequences as any other facet of criminal law. Don’t let something you did yesterday impact your future negatively. Call Baum Law Office to speak with the exceptional criminal law attorney.

Domestic violence/Assault: Lancaster, OH, considers assault to be any touching that is unwanted or offensive and is intended to cause harm. Domestic violence is classified as assault between any family or household member. If you’ve been charged with domestic violence or assault, you are facing potential jail time, fines, probation or rehabilitation.

DUI/DWI: Driving Under the Influence, or Driving While Intoxicated, is operation of a motorized vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In Lancaster, OH, the legal blood alcohol content is 0.08 percent and 0.02 percent for those under 21. Many penalties are associated with DUI and DWI that can impact your driving record and insurance rates.

The criminal defense attorney at Baum Law Office has been helping Lancaster & Logan, OH, plus the surrounding counties, including Pickaway, Hocking, Franklin, Licking, Perry, and Athens get the best possible outcome on all criminal law cases for more than five years. Call Baum Law Office at 740-777-8673 when you are facing criminal charges and need an exceptional criminal defense attorney. In addition to criminal defense, you can also get help from the family law or civil litigation attorney.

criminal defense attorney logan oh
criminal defense attorney logan oh

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